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Meet The Bartletts of The Commons In Lincoln

After years of constant moves and thriving careers, Jim and Hanna Bartlett have finally found their place at The Commons in Lincoln. Their transition to senior living offers the comfort and amenities they desired, plus the convenience of being near Boston for visits with friends and activities like cheering on the Red Sox at Fenway […]

NASA Scientist Remembers Apollo 11

On July 20, 1969, the world was changed as 500 million people watched Neil Armstrong become the first man to step foot on the Moon. The Apollo 11 astronauts and the people behind the scenes became instant heroes. One man, Arthur Winston, was monumental in inspiring Buzz Aldrin, the second man to set foot on […]

‘Luckiest Guy in the World’

When The Commons in Lincoln asked residents to share photos and other materials for a Veterans Day display, Harry Goodman decline the request at first. “That’s ancient history,” said the 94-year-old. He explained that fighting in World War II was among one in a long string of adventures – as well as hardships – that began for […]

Who We Are: ‘America’s Doctor’

For three decades, Dr. Timothy Johnson was a household name when it came to medical news. The first Medical Editor for ABC News, he was a regular guest on Good Morning America and all the network’s news shows, helping to educate millions of Americans about health care issues and current events. Soon after retiring, Dr. Johnson and his wife, […]

Robert L. Pillsbury: From Two Dimensions to Three

Robert has lent his experience to The Commons by teaching art classes to our residents. We consider ourselves lucky to have such a talented artist in our midst! “I couldn’t just retire.” While many people look forward to retirement, Robert’s philosophy is, “You need to have something to retire to.” So, when the Harvard College […]

A Community of Music Enthusiasts

Resident Wanda Paik’s Musical Journey Regular live music performances are one of the joys of living at The Commons, and many of the residents have impressive musical backgrounds themselves. One such resident is Wanda Paik, performed a concert for fellow residents in our Great Room. Wanda’s musical journey began at a young age when her […]

Keeping Our Standards High

Our community is always looking for ways to improve the retirement experience at The Commons, and we are fortunate to have sincere resident interest to help us continuously evolve and improve. Resident Caroline Jacobs is a force in our efforts to bring the latest and greatest senior living opportunities to our residents. She sits on […]

The Commons in Lincoln: Prioritizing Resident Health & Fitness

We are turning the spotlight inward for a look at the top ways we keep our residents active and physically fit through programs led by our on-campus fitness specialist, Jason Williams. Challenge the Status Quo A little friendly competition never hurt, right? Genuinely motivating residents to reach their goals through natural competition is a fun […]

How Can We Persuade My Parents to Consider Downsizing?

I need advice on convincing my parents to downsize. My parents have lived in their home for 47 years. It is a very large house, and much of the space is rarely used anymore. While it is all neatly arranged, every room, closet and drawer is packed full of “stuff.” Over the past year, both […]

The Boston Retirement Community Revolutionizing Independent Living

We are delighted to share that The Commons in Lincoln was recently featured in the esteemed online pages of Boston Magazine. Read on to explore the full narrative of our unique approach to retirement living, our commitment to personalized living spaces and the cultivation of an environment that fosters creativity and a sense of belonging. […]