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Step Away From The TV, Researchers Advise

A new study notes that too much time in front of the TV may not be the best strategy for healthy aging. For people over age 50, consuming more than 3.5 hours of daily television may contribute to declines in cognition and language. And it appears that people who watch more TV may experience even more deterioration in […]

Can Fasting Help Boost Longevity?

Intermittent fasting is all the rage at the moment, and research indicates that it may help with some medical conditions and overall well-being. Encouraging evidence has emerged that the practice may be beneficial for weight as well as reducing risks of cancer, diabetes and heart disease. However, not all medical experts are fans of intermittent fasting. If […]

The Importance Of Getting Your ZZZZs

You hear the message frequently: Sleep is important. But are you aware of the many ways that getting enough sleep can impact your health? As we age, it’s normal for sleeping patterns to change. We may wake up earlier, get sleepy earlier in the evening, and get less deep sleep. But some sleep problems — […]

Meet The Bartletts Of The Commons In Lincoln

After moving a lot and leading very busy and successful careers, Jim and Hanna Bartlett are happy to have landed at The Commons in Lincoln. The couple won’t stop taking trips to Paris and visiting good friends in Cleveland, but their home now is at the Lincoln-based senior living community. And they are thrilled to […]

Resident Spotlight: Caroline Jacobs

You can call Caroline Jacobs one of the originals. In 2007, she and her husband put down a deposit before there were any apartments to look at. In 2010, they were one of the first couples to move in as soon as the senior living community was open. “I looked at several senior living communities […]

Residents Enjoy Gardening In Partnership With The Green City Growers

A growing partnership between the Green City Growers and The Commons in Lincoln has harvested friendships, terrific memories and food for the dinner table. You can’t beat that. The Commons in Lincoln gets a visit from “Farmer Cait” every Tuesday afternoon for a couple of hours. She spends time with the Memory Care residents in […]

How Caregivers Can Be More Effective Advocates

Being a caregiver is not easy and it is not something everyone chooses to do. But it is important and can certainly make a huge difference. Typically, the primary caregiver is a spouse, partner, parent or adult child. Caregivers commonly take on the responsibilities of their loved one and still provide for themselves and other […]

Last-minute Summer Safety Tips For Older Adults

Summer isn’t over just yet. Labor Day weekend is just around the corner. There is still plenty of sunshine, beach trips and fun to enjoy. But while doing that, be sure to stay safe along the way – wherever you go or whatever you do. Use Sunscreen Be sure to use sunscreen generously and put […]

Summer Safety Tips For Older Adults

Summer is here, which means winter doldrums and spring allergies are long gone. Now, the flowers are abloom, the sun is ablaze and longer days offer more time to enjoy retirement. With the fun of summer, however, comes several safety challenges for older adults. Here are some National Safety Council tips to follow to help […]

How Can Individuals Combat Ageist Stereotypes?

Ageism has always existed to some degree in American society. With more than 76 million members of the baby boomer generation beginning to reach retirement age, however, the problem of discriminatory attitudes has come into new focus. While most people respect the older adults they know, society at large maintains a negative attitude toward aging. Older workers […]