A Community of Music Enthusiasts

The Commons in Lincoln is known for its beautiful setting and thriving community, but what many people may not know is that it is also a hub for music enthusiasts. The community proudly supports the Boston Pops and other orchestras in the region, recognizing the importance of music in the lives of its residents.

Wanda Paik

Resident Wanda Paik’s Musical Journey

Regular live music performances are one of the joys of living at The Commons, and many of the residents have impressive musical backgrounds themselves. One such resident is Wanda Paik, performed a concert for fellow residents in our Great Room.

Wanda’s musical journey began at a young age when her mother brought home a small pump organ for her to play. By the time she was seven, she had discovered the piano and was enrolled as a student in the prep school of the American Conservatory of Music in Chicago. Wanda went on to receive a full scholarship at Northwestern University, where she earned both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in piano performance.

From Classical to Adventurous Repertoire

Wanda’s piano repertoire initially consisted of music by standard composers, such as Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Schubert, Mozart, Grieg and Mendelssohn. However, performing Beethoven’s Choral Fantasia, Op. 80, with the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra was one of the most important events in her musical life. Wanda shared that the composition’s “overwhelming depths and emotional heights made me aware of a new and personal gateway into feelings that have bonded me to music in ways that have stayed with me ever since.”

Wanda eventually felt the need to branch out into a more adventurous repertoire. She learned the Concerto in F by George Gershwin, which she performed with Arthur Fiedler conducting the Boston Pops. Wanda studied Burlesque by Richard Strauss, which she performed with Erich Kunzel conducting. In addition, she learned and performed the Concerto in E flat by British composer John Gherman and Sergie Rachmaninoff’s Concerto in C minor.

Wanda’s musical achievements didn’t stop there. She also performed solo at the National Gallery in Washington, D.C.; American embassies in Brazil and Trinidad; Yonsei University in South Korea; and many U.S. colleges and universities. She even released two CDs, “Piano Perennials” and “Romantic Classics,” which can be found on Amazon. Individual tracks can also be found on Apple Music and Spotify.

Supporting Local Live Music

Wanda’s love of music is shared by many other residents of The Commons, and because of their example, the community enthusiastically sponsors music-related events for the enjoyment of its residents and others. Recent sponsorships include:

The Commons looks forward to sponsoring more performances and continuing its tradition of making—and enjoying—beautiful music. Keep an eye out for Wanda’s next concert and other exciting music events at The Commons!