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The Commons in Lincoln: Prioritizing Resident Health & Fitness

We are turning the spotlight inward for a look at the top ways we keep our residents active and physically fit through programs led by our on-campus fitness specialist, Jason Williams. Challenge the Status Quo A little friendly competition never hurt, right? Genuinely motivating residents to reach their goals through natural competition is a fun […]

Love Your Heart: Heart Healthy Habits for Seniors

Older adults who eat healthy and exercise are doing much more than keeping their bodies in shape … they’re keeping their hearts in shape, too. February is Heart Month, a great time to review tips and habits that promote cardiovascular health and help delay some of the issues associated with heart disease and aging. Exercise […]

The Importance of Sleep for Seniors

You hear the message frequently: Sleep is important. But are you aware of the many ways that getting enough sleep can impact your health? As we age, it’s normal for sleeping patterns to change. We may wake up earlier, get sleepy earlier in the evening, and get less deep sleep. But some sleep problems — […]

Senior Fitness Programs: Safety, Endurance and Strength

Engaging in a lifestyle that incorporates exercise programs can help you feel and look your best. For seniors, staying fit also can help reduce the risk of a number of chronic health problems — including diabetes, heart disease and some cancers — and can lessen arthritis pain. What should you know before you start a senior […]