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The Importance Of Getting Your ZZZZs

You hear the message frequently: Sleep is important. But are you aware of the many ways that getting enough sleep can impact your health? As we age, it’s normal for sleeping patterns to change. We may wake up earlier, get sleepy earlier in the evening, and get less deep sleep. But some sleep problems — […]

How Caregivers Can Be More Effective Advocates

Being a caregiver is not easy and it is not something everyone chooses to do. But it is important and can certainly make a huge difference. Typically, the primary caregiver is a spouse, partner, parent or adult child. Caregivers commonly take on the responsibilities of their loved one and still provide for themselves and other […]

Senior Fitness Programs: Safety, Endurance, Strength And Fall Prevention

Engaging in a lifestyle that incorporates exercise can help you feel and look your best. For seniors, staying fit also can help reduce the risk of a number of chronic health problems — including diabetes, heart disease and some cancers — and can lessen arthritis pain. What should you know before you start a fitness program, and […]