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How Can We Persuade My Parents to Consider Downsizing?

I need advice on convincing my parents to downsize. My parents have lived in their home for 47 years. It is a very large house, and much of the space is rarely used anymore. While it is all neatly arranged, every room, closet and drawer is packed full of “stuff.” Over the past year, both […]

Navigating The Emotions Of “Rightsizing”

The decision to downsize often comes with the feeling of relief. You no longer need to maintain an entire household or a yard. However, truly embracing the concept of ‘rightsizing’ entails more than just reducing clutter. We interviewed Lyn Spaeth, downsizing and move-in expert, for her recommendations on how to make the process more joyful. How […]

Downsizing For A Move To A Senior Living Community

If you have made the decision to move to a senior living community, you can expect more time as you take advantage of a variety of convenient services and amenities – and to spend your time on activities you enjoy. You may also face a challenge: downsizing your possessions. For many people, a move to […]

How to Downsize for Senior Living Move

More than 40 percent of Americans ages 50-64 plan to move in the next five years. In our region, people tend to live in their homes for decades, and this represents a rare influx of inventory coming into the market. According to CNBC, by 2030, Boomers will sell 26 million homes, releasing them into the […]