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Downsizing For A Move To A Senior Living Community

How can you get started with downsizing ahead of your move, and what can you do to assist a loved one with the process?

downsizing for a move

If you have made the decision to move to a senior living community, you can expect more time as you take advantage of a variety of convenient services and amenities – and to spend your time on activities you enjoy.

You may also face a challenge: downsizing your possessions. For many people, a move to senior living means choosing to live in a cozier space, and you may need to prioritize the belongings that go with you.

How can you get started with downsizing ahead of your move, and what can you do to assist a loved one with the process?

Planning for Success

Depending on when you plan to move, you may have plenty of time to go through your things, or the process may be a little more rushed. It is always best to get started as soon as possible; begin by creating a plan for each day or week you have available until your move. If you can visit your new home prior to your move, you can get an idea of the space you will have available for your furnishings and personal belongings.

As you sort through items you will take with you and items you will either give away or donate, avoid disposing of your belongings immediately. Instead, set them aside for a brief period to ensure you will not regret your decisions. Keep items you know you will use or that have significant sentimental value. Downsizing provides an opportunity to assess which of your possessions have real meaning and which you can live without.

Helping a Loved One With Downsizing

If your family member is planning a move to a senior living community and has not started the downsizing process, you may want to offer assistance. Understand that your loved one may have attachments to certain items, and be prepared to slow down and take breaks when needed.

Consider offering to take any sentimental items that your loved one may not want to let go, including gifts from grandchildren, scrapbooks, photo albums and other precious mementos. Spend some time researching local thrift shops and groups that accept donations to provide your family member with options for charitable disposal of unwanted or duplicate items.

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