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The Commons Defies Misconceptions In Senior Living Rehab


No privacy. Hospital-like environment. Rigid schedules. Bland food. Residents Only. These are a few of the common skilled rehab misconceptions that Lauren Griffin encounters in her role as Director of Social Services. We asked her to help dispel some common misunderstandings about rehab at a senior living community and highlight how short-term care at The Commons provides long-term confidence.

Misconception #1: Environment is hospital-like.

Our rehab is more of a comfortable, home-like environment. Our rooms are private, spacious and well-lit with high ceilings. There’s no overhead speaker system, or bed or chair alarms, so it’s a lot quieter than a hospital setting. Daily skilled nursing routines are determined by the residents, so there is more choice about how their schedule looks on a daily basis.

Misconception #2No on-site medical support.

We have access to physician and nurse practitioner for on-site support Monday through Friday and on-call access 24/7.  This can lead to faster coordination of care which can mean quicker decisions and less stress.

Misconception #3: The admittance process is difficult.

Patients requiring outpatient therapy need a prescription; however, our therapy team is happy to facilitate that process by contacting their primary care physician and obtaining it for them. This applies to The Commons residents or members of the greater community.

Misconception #4: Inconsistent service.

The Commons is unique in that we offer therapy seven days a week, so weekends are just as productive as the weekdays. If you come in on the weekend, you’ll get an evaluation and therapy. We have exceptional therapy and our staff is consistent, meaning don’t have per-diem therapists, which helps promote consistency. Patients work with the same therapists, so they get to know each other and don’t have to develop a new relationship every session.

Our therapy team is top notch. They have worked in acute settings, have different backgrounds, specialties and certifications, and are really good at motivating our residents. The fact that we only offer short-term rehab means everyone here has the same goal: make progress, get back to their previous level and get home.

Misconception #5: No privacy.

Most of our rooms are private and those that aren’t are companion suites. Everyone has their own space and door to close and there are never two beds in the same room. The Commons also has private bathrooms, so residents don’t have to worry about walking down the hall to a shower room every morning before they get dressed.

Misconception #6: Limited and bland dining options.

We have a beautiful dining room with delicious food that’s served restaurant-style from a server. We also have a dietician on staff who offers specialized dietary services. And, we offer three chef-prepared meals daily, so there are always plenty of choices.

Misconception #7: Rehab services are for residents only.

You do not have to live on our campus to benefit from our short-term rehab services. Members of the greater community can use our inpatient skilled rehab services, as well as our outpatient rehab services. This includes strength training, nutritional dining and hands-on professional nursing and rehabilitative care.

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