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Resident Spotlight: Caroline Jacobs

Caroline Jacobs

You can call Caroline Jacobs one of the originals. In 2007, she and her husband put down a deposit before there were any apartments to look at. In 2010, they were one of the first couples to move in as soon as The Commons in Lincoln, a Massachusetts senior living community, was open.

“I looked at several senior living communities before I came here. One of the advantages of being first is getting your pick of the apartments, locations. There were 10 of us. It was a little chaotic at first. No phones. They gave us cell phones to use,” she recalled recently.

She has never looked back or regretted the decision about moving to The Commons and recommends it to others. She adds that people should make the move while they can and take advantage of all of the activities and amenities available.

“I love it. I don’t have to worry about the future or moving again. It is so nice not having to get a plumber if you need one. Or repair the roof.”

She says one day when she can’t drive any longer she will do more at The Commons. She still has a lot of outside interests, including choir one day a week.

“I love the flexibility and freedom. I also have security of knowing if I do get sick there is somebody right here. I am grateful that I can afford to do this. I’m very lucky,” says Caroline.

She also said she thought retirement was going to mean she had a lot of time on her hands. As a member of the Resident Council, she stays busy. “Thank goodness I have a calendar and can put everything on it.”

While her husband Norman died about five years ago, Caroline enjoys being a resident at The Commons but still travels extensively.

Her most recent trip was an African safari. “I had always wanted to go. I was on a guided tour and saw a lot of animals. And I did not miss the telephone or internet,” she joked. She just booked a trip to the Baltics and St. Petersburg.

What drew her across the pond years ago from England was the lure of a job in America and her intent was to stay just one year. Fast forward 30 years working at Harvard and Caroline decided it was time to retire and see the world.

“I decided I wanted to come to America for one year. English secretaries were in demand, so I went through an employment company,” Caroline said.


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