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Resident Feature: Bev Reed

Bev Reed

In her last job before retirement, Beverly Decker Reed found a culmination of many issues dear to her heart: helping families with children, addressing poverty, and trying to right some of the inequities in the world’s poorest countries.

Bev taught school and worked with Williams College — in admissions, alumni relations and development — in prior years, but it was during her decade with Pathfinder International that she had the opportunity to see parts of the world she’d never experienced, including Ghana, Peru, Bangladesh and Turkey.

“It was a wonderful way to get to know other women in the world and realize we’re all basically the same and want the same things for our families,” she said.

Choosing the Perfect Retirement Location

Family is important to Bev and is one of the key reasons she and husband William chose to move to The Commons in 2012. With five children — and 13 grandchildren between the ages of 3 and 22 — the couple placed a high priority on being near their loved ones.

After living in Wellesley, Massachusetts, following retirement in 2002, Bev and William wanted to choose a retirement spot that would be near the kids and grandkids as well as a place in a beautiful location that family members would want to visit.

The Commons fit the bill, and the community also allows the couple easy access to favorite activities in Boston and friends around the area. Bev added that she also has enjoyed getting to know many of her neighbors.

“There are fascinating people here,” she said. “They have amazing histories and amazing things they’ve accomplished, and they’re just very fine people. It’s a wonderful thing to get to know new people and be inspired by them.”

A Full Calendar of Service

Between activities like visiting the symphony orchestra and theater in Boston, golfing, walking, spending time with family, and working on crafts like handmade Christmas stockings for a niece and nephew, Bev has a full calendar, but she also finds time to serve a current term as Resident Council chair.

During Bev’s term, Independent Living residents have increased from about 110 to more than 200, she said. As a result, she and colleagues have spent the past year finding new ways to reach out and serve residents. This year, the group instituted weekly office hours, with each of the seven council members taking turns being the “officer of the day” on Mondays.

Bev noted that she has enjoyed working with the other council members and with the community’s management team.

“They’ve been very supportive and helpful to us, and it’s a very cordial relationship,” she said. “It’s a fun job. Mostly we’re a happy group around here because there are a lot of good things going on.”

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