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Last-Minute Summer Safety Tips for Seniors

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Summer isn’t over just yet. Labor Day weekend is just around the corner. There is still plenty of sunshine, beach trips and fun to enjoy. But while doing that, be sure to stay safe along the way – wherever you go or whatever you do.

Use Sunscreen

Be sure to use sunscreen generously and put it on before you go out in the sun and also reapply if you stay out in the sun for any prolonged period of time. UV rays can do damage not only to skin but to eyes. Wear sunglasses when the sun is out.

Avoid Heatstroke

Heatstroke can strike quickly and there are few warning signs. Take precautions like stay hydrated, avoid outdoor exercise in the heat of the day, and find shade when possible so you are not in the direct sun. Symptoms of heatstroke include a body temperature of about 104 degrees and fainting. More serious symptoms include headache, dizziness, lack of sweating, muscle weakness or cramps and rapid heartbeat. Seek medical help if you think you are suffering from heatstroke.

Water Safety

Swimming alone is not advised. Never swim in an area that is posted as off limits or has no lifeguard on duty unless you are an excellent swimmer. Do not dive into water of unknown depth.

Pet Care

Pets are just like people and should not be in extreme heat for long periods of time. Pets also should have plenty of water at all times. Be careful if you decide to walk Fido as his paws will burn on hot asphalt or concrete.

Also check your pet for fleas or ticks after being outdoors.

Use Bug Spray

Seniors are more apt to West Nile virus so be sure to protect yourself with bug spray, especially at night.

Dress Appropriately

Light-colored, loose-fitting clothing is preferred in hot weather. Choose cotton and other natural fabrics that are more lightweight and breathable than synthetic fabrics like nylon and polyester. Wide-brimmed hats also keep the sun off your face and neck and can be very fashionable.

Check the side effects of prescriptions

Some medications make people more sensitive to the sun. Make sure you know if your prescriptions mean you need to take extra precautions. It probably won’t mean you have to forego outdoor activities, just that you’ll need to make extra sure to follow precautions.

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