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How Can We Persuade My Parents to Consider Downsizing?

I need advice on convincing my parents to downsize. My parents have lived in their home for 47 years. It is a very large house, and much of the space is rarely used anymore. While it is all neatly arranged, every room, closet and drawer is packed full of “stuff.” Over the past year, both […]

Last-Minute Summer Safety Tips for Seniors

Summer isn’t over just yet. Labor Day weekend is just around the corner. There is still plenty of sunshine, beach trips and fun to enjoy. But while doing that, be sure to stay safe along the way – wherever you go or whatever you do. Use Sunscreen Be sure to use sunscreen generously and put […]

Summer Safety Tips For Older Adults

Summer is here, which means winter doldrums and spring allergies are long gone. Now, the flowers are abloom, the sun is ablaze and longer days offer more time to enjoy retirement. With the fun of summer, however, comes several safety challenges for older adults. Here are some National Safety Council tips to follow to help […]

How to Combat Negative Stereotypes About Aging?

Ageism has always existed to some degree in American society. With more than 76 million members of the baby boomer generation beginning to reach retirement age. However, the problem of negative stereotypes about aging has come into new focus. While most people respect the older adults they know, society at large maintains a negative attitude toward […]