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How to Compare the Costs of Senior Care

Understanding the cost of senior care can be confusing. If you’ve read our other posts on how to pay for assisted living (or if you’ve just started looking into paying for senior care yourself), you know that it can be a complicated process. Assessing, preparing for and financing the costs of senior care isn’t always easy. […]

Seven Ways to Maximize Your Retirement

You have worked hard your entire professional career, making smart decisions, planning ahead and imagining your retirement. Now, the time has come to, in the words of Henry David Thoreau, “Live the life you’ve imagined.” As you step into this next phase of life and imagine your next chapter, here is a look at seven […]

What’s Included in the Cost of Senior Living Communities?

It’s easy to look at the cost of senior living communities and get caught up in sticker shock. You may even rule out certain options right away, thinking, “Mom could never afford that!” But you have to think of a senior living community in two parts: It’s a place to live, and It provides care or non-care related services and amenities. […]