Voters Approve Expansion of The Commons in Lincoln

The project will provide additional housing and enhanced amenities to the senior living community’s existing campus.
December '23

Lincoln, Mass. – Voters in Lincoln, Massachusetts, have officially approved the expansion of The Commons in Lincoln during the Special Town Meeting held on December 2. The project includes a combination of 28 additional independent living apartment homes and cottages, additional parking spaces and various amenities, addressing the increasing demand for premier senior living spaces.

Beyond meeting increasing housing needs, the project aims to improve overall quality of life for both current and future residents through enhanced amenities, environmental benefits, and an even more vibrant neighborhood.

The expansion will build on The Commons in Lincoln’s charming character and access to conservation land on the 31-acre campus by integrating new cottage style homes and apartments into the existing style of architecture. The project also aligns with an initiative already underway on the campus, where residents and management are collaborating on plans to improve conservation development by creating purposeful long term planting plans.

“We are especially pleased that The Commons offers such a rich mix of residents and staff, professionally, geographically, spiritually and in personal gifts and experiences,” says resident Joanne Carlisle. “We look forward to welcoming new members to our community as a part of this project.”

Parking and Infrastructure:

The plan includes additional parking spaces, addressing concerns about traffic and infrastructure. A comprehensive assessment ensures minimal impact on public roads. The 52 added parking spaces will be a combination of structured and surface parking.

Strategic Upgrades to Flint and Russell House:

Residents will benefit from renovated and expanded dining, programming and amenities in the Flint and Russell Buildings. The design for these strategic upgrades is underway and will be accelerated with the approval granted for the expansion.

Affordable Housing Initiative:

Of the 28 newly added housing units, three are designated as affordable, addressing the need for affordable housing, and contributing to the total number of units on Lincoln’s Subsidized Housing Index (SHI).

Sustainability Measures:

Green initiatives, including the installation of solar panels and electric car chargers, underscore The Commons’ dedication to environmentally conscious living, aligning with broader community sustainability efforts.

Reflecting The Commons’ commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability, the entire project will adhere to passive house standards. Furthermore, the new cottages will meet the new specialized code that Lincoln, at the forefront of higher efficiency codes, will adopt as of January 1, 2024. This is the highest level of energy efficiency for new construction, which 15 other Massachusetts towns have adopted to help the state achieve a net-zero economy by 2050.

“We are grateful for the Lincoln voters’ support of The Commons’ expansion project. The approval marks a significant milestone for our campus, and we appreciate the trust and confidence placed in us by the community,” said Campus Executive Director Reynaldo LeBlanc. “At the core of this project is our commitment to build on our already strong foundation of character and vibrant culture that defines this campus as an extraordinary place to live and work.”

The project is scheduled to break ground in autumn of 2024 with occupancy expected in 2026.Photo Caption: Rendering of the approved expansion of The Commons showcase a site plan featuring 28 new independent living units, additional parking spaces and upgraded amenities within the senior living community’s existing campus.

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