Events January 26, 2021 2:00 pm EDT

Resiliency Through COVID-19 with Dr. Robert O’Connor

You are invited to join Dr. O’Connor as he leads a discussion about the resiliency created on campus during COVID-19. Additionally, the discussion will focus on how to implement this resiliency at home to prevent the potential effects of isolation.

Benchmark at Woburn

About this Event

Imagine the peace of mind offered by your loved one living within a community where a team of medical experts and trained associates leads the charge to navigate and respond to health risks. At The Commons in Lincoln, residents and their family members experienced this comfort and security as our team, led by Dr. Robert O’Connor, acted quickly to have an agile plan in place in response to COVID-19.

Topics of this virtual session will include:

  • COVID-19 milestones at The Commons
  • Potential long-term impacts of quarantine and isolation
  • Best practices for preventing the impact of isolation
  • Updates on the vaccine and what the future holds for The Commons and beyond

We hope you can join us for this educational session to help you and your loved one establish resiliency and manage the effects of isolations at home during this time.

If you can't make the event, but are interested in learning more about The Commons in Lincoln, please schedule a tour of our campus in Lincoln.
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