Expect a comprehensive approach to wellness.

Benefit from Benchmark Senior Living’s signature Live Now, Live Well program.

The Live Now, Live Well wellness program enhances health and quality of life through six key dimensions of wellness:

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  • Get Fit – Physical Wellness

    We encourage physical fitness through programs such as Tai Chi, walking clubs, yoga, and fitness classes that accommodate the individual’s personal abilities.

  • Stay Connected – Social Wellness

    Residents enjoy creating new friendships and cherishing existing relationships with family and friends through resident clubs, cocktail hours, themed dinners, and volunteer opportunities.

  • Learn – Intellectual Wellness

    Book clubs, cooking demonstrations, musical performances and educational workshops are just some of the ways we encourage residents to exercise their minds.

  • Find Balance – Emotional Wellness

    From memoir writing to meditation, we offer residents ways to reduce stress and find balance.

  • Share Talents – Sense of Purpose

    Feeling valued is an important part of overall health and well-being. Whether serving on the resident councils and committees or participating in community service projects, residents have many opportunities to get involved, share their talents, and make a difference in the world around them.

  • Celebrate Life – Spiritual Wellness

    We recognize spirituality can be a very personal, individual experience. That is why we offer worship opportunities, as well as trips that support individual spirituality.

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