Management Team

Sadie Daniels

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Sadie Daniels is the one to consult when it comes to the clinical nutrition care of Skilled Nursing residents. She oversees and has input into the administration of food services at The Commons, working with diet techs, patients, nursing team members and others. Sadie has been a consultant in the Greater Boston area working with Skilled Nursing facilities her whole career. She is a board-certified specialist in gerontological nutrition and has been at The Commons almost since the community opened.

Sadie says that The Commons has something special: A diet tech is on duty 10 hours a day, seven days a week. “It is a very special thing most skilled nursing facilities do not have,” she says. “The diet techs get to ask every patient, every meal, every day what they would like to eat, which is something really unique.”

She says she enjoys working with The Commons' team. “Everybody here appreciates what a great place this is to work. Benchmark really takes care of its employees in a way I have never seen. People feel good about being here, and they are really given the resources to give the best of the best of care.”

Working with seniors is second nature to Sadie. “I’ve always loved working with the elderly,” she says. “That is just where my heart is - working with the elderly. It is almost selfish because it’s so rewarding.”