Expect more savings.

Invest in your future for plenty of rewards and none of the risks.

You are prepared to invest in a well-planned future. Did you realize life at The Commons in Lincoln is a different kind of investment—one in which you earn more than you bargained for, in the best way possible? That is because there are financial and tax benefits associated with The Commons in Lincoln Lifecare Advantage.

With tax benefits, asset protection and care you can count on, you cannot afford not to live at The Commons in Lincoln. It is what we call the Lifecare Advantage.

  • A one-time 90%-refundable entrance fee protects your assets.
  • A monthly service fee guarantees unlimited lifetime access to a full continuum of health services at predictable, substantially reduced rates, regardless of the level of care that may be needed.
  • Several rulings by the United States Internal Revenue Service have established that a portion of the entrance fee and monthly fees are deductible as a pre-paid medical expense.
  • From property tax savings to a variety of tax deductions, even independent residents who do not need health care services may be eligible for valuable tax benefits.

Learn more about the health benefits of Lifecare.

Note: Everyone’s tax situation is different and we urge you to consult directly with your personal advisor. This website is not to be considered tax or legal advice, and you should always consult with your tax or financial advisor when considering potential tax deductions.

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